Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spool Quilt and Nice Fabrics Now Available at WalMart (?!!?!?!)

I made this wall hanging for my sewing room. I thought the spool design was perfect for a sewing room. The fabrics are a couple of Moda charm packs, with a few other fabrics from my stash. I like the simple spool design, and the combo of colors- aqua, corally-red, and beiges. I also like the scrappyness of it. (i love me a scrappy quilt!). I can get away with the floral and pink because this will hang in my sewing room, a room that my boys and hubby don't spend time it. I think if I tried to hang this in another part of the house, I would get some resistance from the guys in the house. *sigh* That's what happens when you are outnumbered 4 to 1.

The pattern is called "Gentle Art" and it is from Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.

I didn't have any fabric in my stash for the binding, so I was prepared to drive out of town to buy some (we don't have a quilt store here in Red Wing), when I remembered some pretty blue polka dot fabric I had seen at Walmart. YES, Walmart. While most Walmarts did away with their fabric departments (including ours) they have since started bringing them back. At first it was all the same low quality fabrics they used to carry, but lately they have been getting in some really nice quality quilting cottons. I would compare them to quilt-shop quality. They are in the $7.00-8.00 range, so a little more than their lower quality $3.95 ones. Don't get me wrong- I fully support shopping at local quilt shops, and do so every chance I can get. But when you are in a pinch, and have no fabric store in town, it is nice to know you may find what you need at the local Walmart.

It was a fun little quilt to make, and looks great in my sewing room! Some day, when my sewing room is neat and clean and organized (OK, quit laughing, it WILL happen someday) I will take you on a guided tour. I love my sewing room, and feel so fortunate to have a space all my own to do my creating.


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