Sunday, June 2, 2013

Burda 8497

While my hubby and kids were gone on a fishing trip a couple weeks ago, I took advantage of my alone time to do some sewing. I choose this blouse, Burda 8497, because my work wardrobe has been boring me to tears lately. I like blouses for work because it makes for easy dressing. Dress pant, a blouse, add a necklace to jazz it up, and you look professional and pulled together.

Not sure what my hair thinks it is doing today, but it's not good. :)

The fabric I used was a poly crepe-backed satin from Joann's, and I used the crepe side as my right side. It was easy to work with, and surprisingly took a press well for a poly. This is not a fabric for someone who is in their hot-flash phase of life though, as it doesn't breathe well. But since I am a freeze-baby who is always complaining  saying how cold I am, it works fine for me.

I like this blouse, but I don't think this pattern is for me. The fit is off, I think I could have gone up a size, and I am not sure what the deal was with the ties. They are much shorter than they show on the pattern envelope. Maybe I cut them out wrong? In the picture above, I only have them single tied. If I do a knot, the short ties stick straight out and look funny. I guess my options are to lengthen the ties, or wear them as is and hope there will be no wardrobe malfunction and they don't come untied.

I do like how the band wraps around the back:

All in all, I like the blouse. I may like if better if I lose some of the extra "fluff" I gained over the winter. This past winter was a long one, and my figure sure shows it. :)

Up next, I have two very different projects almost completed: a lace top and a small quilt.



  1. Very pretty top, I like the color on you.

  2. I think I made that same blouse a few years ago and I had some fit issues across the bust. But the color is spectacular on you! I'm with you...coming back from a looooonnnnnnggggg winter!