Thursday, December 27, 2012

Husbands: do not try this at home

...unless your wife is a sewist.

This is what was under my tree this year, from my darling hubby:

Oliso® Smart Iron with iTouch® Technology TG1100

An Oliso Smart Touch iron. I have been wanting one of these bad boys for some time now. My previous iron was a wedding gift to us, over 20 years ago. So while it was a nice enough iron, it had seen better days. And it had developed the habit of spitting up water and built-up gunk.

If you aren't familiar with the Oliso irons, what makes them unique is the itouch feature. When you let go of the handle, little feet emerge from the bottom to lift it off the ironing board. So instead of tipping it up and resting it on the heel of the iron, you simple let go of it, and the feet raise it off the ironing board. Touch the handle again, and the feet raise up, letting you proceed with your ironing.

My new iron works beautifully. It heats up fast, and glides smoothly. I especially like that it has 3 levels of steam. I love my new iron, and used it the first day to make a quilt block. I will post more about that later...

So husbands, if your wife uses an iron for her hobby, or just really loves to iron, this is a great gift. If she only uses it to iron your shirts, maybe something else would be more appropriate. :)

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