Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Simplicity 2148- Inspired by Pinterest

Do you Pinterest? Or should I ask, are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am? I love Pinterest, and can spend hours on there discovering new recipes, interesting websites, terrific blogs, more home improvement projects than I could ever have time for, more gardening ideas than I have garden space for, and lots and lots of sewing inspiration. One of my pins was from early this spring, a cute pink cardigan with khaki shorts and a white t or tank underneath. I think this outfit is really cute, looks very comfortable, and I thought "Hey, I can make that!" The cardigan, anyway. I already have khaki shorts and  a white t.
Pinned Image

I looked through my pattern stash for a pattern that would work and decided on Simplicity 2148.


I used view C, the purple velvet one.I did have to make a couple changes to make it more like my inspiration. I used the sleeves from a different pattern, because I wanted full length, narrow sleeves. I also left off the pockets and tab closures on the front. The pattern went together very easily, the only other changes I made were in the order of construction. I added the sleeves in flat, the sewed the side seam and sleeve seam as one. Here is my version:

All I am missing is the Coach bag and other accessories. Since I am too cheap  conservative with my money, you won't see me buying a Coach any time soon. But I bet I could find a suitable replacements for the bag and the accessories at Target.

I have already worn this, and I really like it. It is a great layering piece for the office on those days that the A/C is cranked up. Also, for those summer evenings when it gets chilly after the sun goes down.

This weeks goals:

- Blog about the adorable bibs I made for my Godson. they turned out really cute!
- Make another batch of rhubarb sauce
- Help my son get packed for his mission trip (he leaves on Saturday for 10 days! *sniff*)

Have a good week! Blessings-

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  1. The outfit is really pretty, and you look great! Best wishes for a safe and fulfilling trip for your son!