Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why I Haven't Been Sewing...

It’s been over a month since my last post (and I had been doing so good there for a while, SHOOT!) but I have some good excuses as to why.
1.       My oldest son graduated from High School. To say I am proud of him would be the world’s largest understatement. I have been filled with mixed emotions about it these last few weeks. On one hand, I am sad to see him head off to college, but on the other hand, I am so excited to see where life’s path takes him. Also, everyone who has kids in their 20’s has been reassuring (or is it warning me?) that they all come back at some point.  J I am sure that is true, especially when mom and dad’s house has a nice comfy bed, home cooked meals, and free laundry.

2.       We have been doing home improvements. This is directly related to #1 (above).  We choose this spring to replace the roof, and install new siding and windows. We thought it would be nice to have the house looking it’s tip-top best for the graduation party. And it did, but OH MY it was a lot of work. We hired my nephew-in-law to do the carpentry, but we did all the painting ourselves. (The type of siding we choose needed to be painted. ) It was a struggle to get it done between all the rainy days we have had the last month, but we managed to get it done. Along with cleaning the garage, installing drywall in the garage, cleaning the basement, spring cleaning the house, weeding the flower beds and putting down new mulch, and planning annuals. Whew! It was so much work, but I have to admit the house looks great! We do have some more project we would like to get done this summer, but it is nice to have so many big projects out of the way. This picture shows the color we choose for the house- a barn red. It was a bold choice, but we love how it turned out.

Now that all the excitement is over, we can settle in to our summer routine. On my agenda this week:
-          Make rhubarb sauce
-          Finish sewing my coral “Inspired by Pinterest” cardigan.  (finished this last night, post to come soon!)
-          Make a couple adorable bibs for my Godson from a pattern in Quilter’s World magazine.
-          Paint the front door and back garage door.
I hope everyone is having a good week! Blessings-

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