Friday, January 18, 2013

First Wadder of 2013- McCalls 6512

I think Kenny Rogers said it best- "You gotta know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away..."

I had such high hopes for this projext. I have seen a few versions of this pattern around blogland and they all turned out great.


I bought this pattern a long time ago, and pulled it out to match it up with a piece of black silky poly of some sort which I bought at Hancock's. The fabric is a very fluid, lightweight, soft, fluid, silky, fluid (did I mention "fluid?) fabric, and I thought it would be perfect for view B. The fact that this fabric is fluid is what made this project fail. This fabric would shimmy and shape-shift just by looking at it. I like that fabric, and may try it again for a different project, but it just didn't work for this one.

I tried and tried to make it work. But once a project crosses the line to where it feel like a chore instead of being enjoyable, well, that is when I decided to give up. The fabric all went in the trash and the pattern got filed away...until I can find a more siutable fabric. I WILL be trying this pattern again. Stay tuned. :)

Up next, I need a quick and easy project to get me over this fail, so I am making an out-of-print Butterick woven tank with a ruffle detail on the front. Only four pattern pieces, easy peasy. Although, I am using another silky fabric....wish me luck with that. :)


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