Sunday, February 3, 2013

Butterick 5493- In a Woven, oops!

I was drawn this cute polka dot fabric at Joann's a few months ago (who doesn't like a cheery polka dot, right?) First off, I really liked the colors. As someone who works in a corporate environment, I have to dress up for work, and any fabric that has black in it is always a conender for me, since I wear black about 80% of the time. My coworkers and I joke about how much we wear black, but it really does go with everything, and it makes choosing something wear so much easier. I am determined to branch out and get away from so much black, but that is another post for another day. Sorry for digressing. Back to today's post....

I also liked the light blue color in this, since it is something different. The fabric is a poly-silky-something-or-other, and it was suprisingly easy to work with. It held a press well, which is what I usually get frustrated with in a poly. It also has a nice drape, and while it is satiny, it isn't really shiny.

When I first spotted this fabric I thought it would make a cute bow-front blouse, and that was my plan for it until I got to the cutting counter and there was only a yard and an eight on the bolt. Bummer. But I bought it anyway figuring I could find a pattern in my stash that takes only a yard. Enter Butterick 5493, view A: (the brown and white)

So I cut out the pattern, and started sewing (this pattern goes together really quick, only 4 pieces). It wasn't until I got to the instructions where they have you sew the neckband on, streching it as you go, that I realized my mistake. This pattern is for KNITS, and my fabric was a woven. Uh-oh. My first clue (besides reading the fabric suggestions) should have been the pattern layout. If it was made for wovens, it would have been laid out on the bias. At this point, I had much of the construction done, so I decided to continue and seee what happens.

I couldn't use the neckband, so I had to modify the pattern at the neckline. I sewed the ruffle to the front matching the right side of the ruffle to the wrong side of the front. Then i turned it to the outside and topstitched on the front. Then I serged the back neckline edge, and turned it under and stitched it in place. I then sewed the front and back together at the shoulders.

The front was a little low for my liking, and the armholes had a lot of room, so I just took up the shoulder seams about an inch, and that solved the problem.

Here is how I will wear this top to work, with a cardigan (black, of course!) But I will be on the lookout for a cardigan in the pretty light blue color. I will carry a swatch of the fabric in my purse while shopping so I can get the right shade of blue.

The top fits great, even as a woven. I am happy with my top, and can't wait to wear it when the weather get a little warmer. The temp here has been in the single digits most days for the past week. Too cold to wear a light top and cardigan!

Up next, I have a couple one-yard knit pieces i snagged from the remnant bin that I am going to make a couple summer tops with. Can you tell I am wishing for warmer weather? I am sick of winter!



  1. Adorable! I'm writing down this patern number- looks like a perfect summer top.

    1. Thanks! It really is a cute and easy pattern.

  2. This top is looking great. I think the woven very likely looks nicer than a knit fabric anyway :)

    1. Thank you, Janine. I would be curious to see how a knit would work. I think I would have to grade it down a size.

  3. It's really cute! How did you finish the flounce edge?

  4. THanks Lynne!

    I use the method in the pattern, one I've used before with good results. You turn under 1/4" and press,and then stich close to the fold. Then trim close to the stiching, and turn under again. Stich in place. It gives a very clean, finished edge.