Monday, December 27, 2010

Butterck 5284- Ruffled White Blouse

My wardrobe is lacking white blouses, so I intend to make a few in the nest coming months. First up was Butterick 5284. i love the ruffled front, and the elbow length sleeves with a turned up cuff.
I used a cotton/ lycra blend from That little bit of lycra makes for a comfortable blouse since it has a little give. Which is nice when you're sitting at a computer all day. Fitted blouses without stretch can get a little uncomfortable around the armscye after sitting all day with hands on the keyboard.

Here is a close up of the ruffle. I like the technique they give you in the pattern instructions to finish the edges of the ruffles. You fold over 1/4" and stitch close to the folded edge. Trim close to the stitching, then turn under again and stitch again. This makes for a very neat ruffled edge.

Detail of the cuffs: (please excuse the wrinkles, I took these pics after wearing the blouse one day!)

At first I was afraid the cuffs would be a little too large (and pointy), but I ended up liking them. Sometimes I think I am afraid of details like this putting a garment "over the top", but I have come to learn that it is these types of details that make a garment less "Becky Home-Eccy" and more fashion-forward.

I did have trouble setting the sleeves in this blouse. I get so frustrated with pattern companies putting entirely too much ease in sleeve caps. Setting sleeves is my least favorite thing to do. Other than that, this pattern went together quite easily.

I had some time on Saturday to do some more sewing, and finished a knit top. I will review that in my next post. Up next, I cut out a cardi-wrap and matching shell today. The fabric is a pretty dusty pink color. I don't know about any of you, but I am sooooo ready for some spring color, even if it is only in fabric form!

Blessings- Lisa

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